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The Function Of Elbi Boilers

Jan 9

Our parent company, Elbi S.p.A., is a forward-thinking manufacturer that was founded in 1990 and is supported by its vast experience. To satisfy the rising demand for our residential and commercial goods, our Houston facility is well-stocked.

Elbi boilers may confidently approach clients in both small and big quantities since they are able to give them with high-quality goods that adhere to all industry requirements and often surpass client expectations. Elbi also provides a wide range of goods that stand out for their high caliber, dependability, gorgeous design, timely delivery, and first-rate customer support.

Thanks to a winning combination of these attributes and their very low prices, their products are now in a class of their own.

XT and XTV Series Expander Tanks

The capacity of the stand-alone and in-line XT-XTV Series diaphragm expansion tanks range from 2 to 132 gallons (see chart). Since they were originally created and produced in 1975, Elbi's XT-XTV Series expansion tanks have shown to be dependable and have been used in millions of installations around the globe. The tank's two-shell welded structure, which can resist high pressure ratings, increases system safety. The BUTYL diaphragm prevents waterlogging and saves both space and energy by separating air from water. The product is only compatible with glycol and is intended for use in hot water, solar, and cooling systems. It is not recommended to use the XT/XTV Series at home. To inquire about compatibility and applicability in certain applications, please contact our manufacturer.

Maximum drawdown is always feasible since the diaphragms lack inner domes that would restrict their expansion. Each tank comes with a food-grade polypropylene liner. According to ASTM requirements, the Food Grade Polypropylene Liner is shown to have the best adherence. All of the gadgets have NSF61 and IAPMO certification.

Our air separators are made in accordance with the most recent ASME CODE Section VIII - Div. 1 requirements, utilizing state-of-the-art production techniques.

The maximum operating pressure for units that are standard is 125/150 psi. Tangential air separators, which are ASME containers with tangential holes that produce a low-velocity vortex, are used in closed systems to separate and remove entrained air from flowing water or anti-freeze. A stainless steel strainer is included with our ASW Series tangential air separators to catch undesired system debris.

Our tangential air separators are great for removing trapped system air when terminal units are obstructed, pumps are underperforming, and expensive equipment is corroding and fouling.

When used in conjunction with our CIA-075 automated huge-capacity air vent, it performs optimally.