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Types Of Patterson Pumps

Dec 1

Horizontal Split Case (HSC) EnviroFloTM Pumps by Patterson's HSC pump line have a high-efficiency design that lessens energy consumption, making for a greener, more durable HVAC system. Pumps with capacities from 6,000 gallons per minute (gpm) and 160 feet vertical (ft tdh) in head will allow you to accomplish any task. It's safe to say that the EnviroFlo HSC pumps will serve you well for a long time. A flex coupling is used to dampen vibrations. Vibration is decreased and bearing life is increased owing to the precision-cast, dynamically balanced bronze impeller. A popular material for shaft sleeves and fittings is bronze. If you want more durability and less bending than a standard carbon steel shaft can provide, you may turn to our stainless steel option.

Although 175 psi is the standard working pressure for the casing, certain variations may reach 250 psi. When properly placed, EnviroFlo HSC pumps should need little maintenance. The serviceability is facilitated by the conveniently removable coupler. Integrally cast bearing housings allow repackable ball bearing sets for the shaft. Gauge taps at the suction and discharge connections, an OSHA coupling guard, and a Class 30 cast iron body are among the additional features. Patterson pumps undergo a stringent pressure test in water before shipment.


Rugged. Reliable. Efficient And Ecologically Friendly

Incorporating Patterson's more than a century of expertise in hydronic pumping technology into HVAC systems, EnvirofloTM pumps deliver the long-lasting reliability and steady upgrades in technology you've come to expect from the brand, as well as the eco-friendly efficiency that helps Green initiatives thrive.


Case With A Horizontal Crack Clean Water Pumps From H2O Works

The HSC is the heaviest-duty lifter in our H2O WorksTM lineup. The Patterson pump is often used to transport water or other low-viscosity, clear industrial process liquids at moderate heads. This simple but effective design is durable, provides an acceptable level of volume and head, requires little in the way of upkeep, and consumes little in the way of resources. All rotating components are freely accessible thanks of the split housing. The developed design concept satisfies Hydraulic Institute Standards for flow rates between 50 and more than 100,000 gallons per minute, with single-stage heads of up to 550 feet and two-stage heads of up to 1,150 feet, respectively. These H2O Works pumps, with discharge outputs of up to 48 inches, may be set up in a variety of ways to meet your needs, whether they be vertical, horizontal, or otherwise, and this includes the incorporation of Zero Flush Technology. This method of sealing doesn't call for any water to function. Wear rings prevent the casing from wearing down. On both sides of the rotor, dust-proof cartridges protect ball or split sleeve bearings. The use of two stuffing boxes and a double bearing construction extends the life of the packing material. Packed pumps often have a split gland design with a lantern ring. Replacement bushings in the packing box prevent damage to the casing from occurring. There is the option of using mechanical seals. Bearing supports are cast in one piece.


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With over a century's worth of expertise, Patterson high-performance pumps and systems provide drinkable water from lakes, rivers, and wells to urban and suburban areas. Large-scale agricultural businesses may rely on them to meet their irrigation demands. They also serve industry with day-to-day processing needs.