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What Parts of An Air Conditioner That Technicians Usually Look Into During Maintenance?

Jun 5

AC maintenance Carrolton, TXAir conditioners are intricate machines with many different parts that work together to produce cool air, and when they fail to work, your technician with a proven track record in AC maintenance Carrolton, TX will make sure to check every facet of it to determine what the problem is.

As a homeowner, you can't help but wonder what aspect of the unit the technician will be looking into. But worry not because the following are some of the parts that techs will always look at when they conduct maintenance of your AC system.


One of the problems people experience with their air conditioner is weak airflow. When this happens, it is often because the filter is already dirty and needs to be cleaned or replaced. The filter is responsible for trapping dirt, dust, pollen, and other allergens so that they won't enter your home through the AC.

If you have pets at home, then the problem might be exacerbated because pet hair can also clog your air conditioner's filter. A technician will carefully remove the filter, clean it thoroughly and place it back before turning on the unit again.


What if your air conditioner is no longer blowing cold air? This could be a problem with the evaporator or condenser coil. While the former is responsible for absorbing heat, the latter is the one that releases it.

If either of these coils is damaged, then it will no longer be able to function properly, and if this happens on a scalding hot day, you might be tempted to inspect and fix it yourself. But, you should always leave this to the experts in AC maintenance Carrollton, TX because without proper training or knowledge about air conditioners, you might end up causing more damage.


You probably have not heard about these before, but air conditioners also have fins located in the coil. These are thin metal sheets that help in the heat transfer process. Over time, however, these can become bent, which impedes the coil's function. While DIY AC tune-up is possible, this is a delicate process that is best left to the professionals because they have the training and tools to do it without damaging other parts.

Refrigerant Level 

It's hot outside, and you've turned on your air conditioner only to find that it's taking longer to cool your space. Your unit's refrigerant level might be the problem. This chemical helps in heat transfer, and if there's not enough, then heat won't be effectively absorbed.

Your technician will add more refrigerants to bring your AC unit back to its ideal state. But before they do that, they will first check for leaks because this could be the reason why there's not enough refrigerant in the first place and provide the necessary repair.


Another essential part of your air conditioner that will be checked during maintenance is the thermostat. This controls the temperature inside your home, and it is one of the components that get damaged easily because it is constantly being used.

To troubleshoot a faulty thermostat, check to see if any of its wires or cables are disconnected or loose. If they appear to be intact, try resetting the thermostat by turning it off and then back on again. If this does not fix the problem, you may need to seek professional help for better results.

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