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Heating Installation: Step by Step for Successful Results

Mar 11

heating installationHeating installation in Dorval, QC is a complex process. Several parts of the system must be dealt with, and it can be challenging to know where to start. It is essential to have the right resources and know-how if you want your project to succeed.


There are also many different types of heating to choose from; which one you use will depend on what kind of home or building you're installing it in and what type of fuel/energy source they use. With the project's complexity, this article will provide you with a step-by-step process for a successful installation!


What Makes an Effective Heating System?


Most people don't think about what makes a good heating system until they are in the middle of their heating installation in Dorval, QC. However, it is essential to know what you're looking for before beginning your search! Here are some main features that can help guide your decision-making process:


Size of the heating unit

It's imperative to know how large your unit is and where to place it in the building. The size of a heating system directly relates to its effectiveness, however, the size should also be according to the size of the room.


Bigger rooms will need a larger heating unit and vice versa. You also don't want to overload the system by putting too large of a unit into a small room - this will cause the system to work harder than it needs to, leading to decreased efficiency and possible damage down the road.


Fuel source for the heating system

Before having your heating installation in Dorval, QC, you should be aware of the three primary fuel sources that can be used to produce heat: gas, oil, and electricity.


  • Gas is good if you want a portable unit or don't have access to an electrical grid; however, it's more expensive than other types of energy.


  • Oil-based systems tend to cost less in terms of initial investment but can get pricey when factoring in delivery costs (the price goes up depending on how far away your home is from the refinery).


  • Electricity tends to be cheaper overall because there aren't many fluctuations with prices like gas and oil - this means higher efficiency! There may also be rebates available for customers who install electric units (depending on where they live and their utility provider), so be sure to research that before deciding.


Type of heating unit

There are three types of heating systems to choose from: forced air, radiant heat, and boiler/steam.


  • Forced air is the most common type - it heats up by passing hot air through a series of metal coils that are then blown into the room.


  • Radiant heat works by emitting infrared radiation, which warms up objects and people.


  • Boiler/steam heat systems produce steam piped directly into a building to provide warmth throughout all rooms.


The best heating unit for your needs will depend on many factors, but these are some of the main things you should consider before beginning your heating installation in Dorval, QC.


Let A Professional Handle Your Installation Project!


It's always best to leave the installation project to a professional when it comes to something as important as your home's heating system. Trying to do it yourself can be risky and may lead to costly mistakes down the road.


If you're not sure where to start, be sure to contact Cirtech CVAC Inc. They will be able to guide you through the process, answer any questions you may have, and make sure your heating installation in Dorval, QC is done correctly - ensuring that your home stays warm all winter long! You can reach them at 514-631-5883!